five tips to make 2018 a great year

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New year, same goals, same New Hustle.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions. The most popular resolutions are to drop some extra weight, exercise, quit smoking/drinking, and get healthy. Only around 8% of resolutions are kept. It’s a pretty pitiful number. I believe everyone starts with the best intentions. I know I do- I wanted to read a mountain of books last year. Instead I read six.

So the question becomes: how can we stick to our New Year’s goals? Here are five tips to help you crush your 2018 goals and make 2018 the best year yet.

Tip #1

Make the goal attainable and measurable. If you want to get healthier this year, explain how you plan to make this a reality. Write it down. Talk it out with a friend. Go in with a game plan. The more specific you are, the better.

Ex. I want to get healthier by drinking 8 glasses of water a day, meeting my daily step goal daily, and getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night. I’ll do this by setting a reminder on my phone to drink more water. I’ll invest in a step tracker, such as a fitbit. I’ll set an alarm on my phone an hour before bed so I can start winding down my day.

Tip #2

Reward yourself. I know this seems silly, but every time you do something well or hit a goal, there should be some type of reward of acknowledgement. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive, but having a reward system in place can be helpful and motivating. The rewards can be anything that brings your joy. I personally do not like to make food a reward because you get into a thought process that could be damaging (this food is ‘clean’ and this food is ‘bad’ so I am ‘cheating’ when I eat the ‘bad’ food). Little acts of self-love and care are the rewards I like bestowing upon myself.

Ex. Using the earlier example, if you notice that you have hit your daily step goal every day for a month, you could reward yourself by taking a nice Epsom salt bath or getting new walking shoes if it’s in the budget and you need them.

My motto is to keep it simple yet enjoyable.

Tip #3

Form a community. Talk to friends and family and see if anyone else has similar goals (the likelihood is high that someone in your circle does) and if so you can make each other your accountability buddies. I may have only read six books last year, but if not for my brother-in-law, I would have only read 2. We formed a little two person book club and pushed each other to read more.

Ex. Using the same example as above, fitbit is awesome because it offers community support and you can find friends to challenge on a daily, weekly, or over the course of a weekend to see who can reach the most steps. Make it into a game, and then reward yourself when you win!

Tip #4

Don’t beat yourself up.

Ex. Same example because I’m on a roll with it! If you have a day where you are sick or traveling and just can’t seem to hit your step goal, breathe. It’s okay and it’ll be just fine to resume tomorrow. Take note of why you couldn’t meet your goal that day, figure out how to improve, and let that day go.

Tip #5

It’s okay to start again. A bad moment doesn’t have to equate to a bad day and a bad day doesn’t have to equate to a bad year. There will be days you feel motivated and inspired. Those days are wonderful. There will be days you are not so inspired nor motivated. Those days are not so great and unfortunately they are more common. We may not always feel motivated but we CAN always be dedicated. Dedication is what’s important to work towards any goal. Motivation comes and goes but dedication can become a habit. Work on your goals on the days you don’t feel like it. And trust me, there will be days you don’t feel like it. But work on them anyway.

Ex. One more time for the step goal example: You haven’t hit your step goal for a week. Set multiple reminders on your phone to get moving. Join a challenge or two or five. Start again and remember starting again is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Bonus Tip #6

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We cannot know how to do everything. People have different passions and interests and can do some things exceptionally well. Ask those people who know better than you. And be okay with it. I didn’t always know about anatomy in yoga poses so I asked people who did. I went to classes. I read books. I watched videos. I took advice from experts. Don’t be ashamed of what you don’t know. Be proud that you are willing to learn. And then implement what you learn.

And there we have it. Six tips to help make 2018 YOUR year.

So that makes me curious: what are your goals for 2018? I would love to know! 11067605_695710640533872_363420057902955872_n

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I believe in big hair and and live by the 5 (sometimes 10) second rule when food falls on the ground. I want to create a greener, simpler life for my little family while at the same time sharing everything I eat, yoga poses I try, and ideas about life with my smartphone attached to my hip. I'm sort of a hot mess living by the motto "fake it until you make it."

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