mermaid latte

Winter blues are such a real thing for me. When I wake up and see the sun is hiding behind gray clouds, I really get in my feelings. I just got sucked into the world of Grey’s Anatomy (big mistake. There are 293 episodes on Netflix. And I will watch them all) and realized I’m the sort of person who has zero desire to live in Seattle, even though I’ve been told from a few friends from that area that I would love it. I hear it’s a foodie, yogi, and adventure seekers dream. But all that rain? Nah. Count me out. Maybe I’ll visit there one day but I don’t think I’ll be picking up my life and moving there anytime soon.

All that said to say I really really really miss summer. I miss the sun and temperatures that didn’t make me freeze my but off. I miss running outside without a hundred layers on and being able to sit on my porch and watch the stars with my husband. I miss my summer garden and soaking up the suns rays as we tended to it. But every season serves it’s purpose and winter will pass through like it always does.

When it’s cold and gray outside, I try to eat and drink vibrant things. Things to help get me out of my funk. One of my favorite ways to feel good lately is to sip on this mermaid latte.


It’s funky looking, delicious, and a perfect pick me up. The best part? Despite its vibrant color, this beautiful drink contains zero food coloring dyes and is a whole food powerhouse!


The *matcha green tee is packed with antioxidants, including EGCg, which research is showing to be a cancer fighting machine! It has energy properties that enhance concentration and mental performance, but still manages to calm the mind and body, boosts metabolism, burns calories, provides vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, fiber, chlorophyll, and so much more goodness.

The mermaid blue color really pops thanks to *Blue Majik which is a blue algae rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This blue algae contains 22 times more antioxidants than spinach! Now honestly, this stuff isn’t that great tasting in an 8 ounce glass of water BUT it is wonderful when masked with homemade cashew milk and  honey.

Try to use local raw honey if you can to really round out the health benefits of this latte. Local raw honey is wonderful for fighting allergies and is a natural energy source.

Until warmer days come, I’ll fill my body with this warming and electric latte.



Serves 1


Bring water to boil over high heat and while waiting on water to boil, add matcha and blue algae powder (open tablets to get powder) to a coffee cup and stir to mix. Add in cashew milk and stir. Add in hot water, mix and then add in honey and mix. Can garnish with more blue algae and matcha if desired.


What do you all think about winter blues? Do you get them or get sick of people talking about them? What’s your favorite thing to sip on during the winter months?

Cheers to mermaids, warmer waters, Grey’s Anatomy, and soothing lattes ❤

Sonni Kolasinac

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2 thoughts on “mermaid latte

  1. This looks good! I understand your feelings about the weather. Sometimes I miss summer, but then I think about all the times I leave the house, and sweat uncontrollably just walking to my car. Maybe spring. I’m looking forward to spring.


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