vibrant purple gnocchi

I’ve said it a thousand times already but 2018 is the year of purple. And I am allllll about it. I love purple and I’m learning that I love to eat purple things as well. One of my favorite comfort foods is gnocchi. It’s actually not something I grew up with but when my husband introduced me to it when we started dating, I was hooked. Potatoes made to feel like pasta? Um yes please! And a I’ll take 3 plates please!

No but seriously, I am a huge fan of gnocchi. I love buying it from the store and I actually enjoy making it at home. When I bought a bag of purple potatoes, the first thought I had was “PURPLE GNOCCHI!”  Because why not?

Y’all know I love getting creative in my kitchen. Everyday meals are practical and often uninspiring and I rely on them like any other family. However, there are some days where I crave some quality kitchen time. Time where I can get my hands dirty and experiment. A time when I make something filled with love for my family and the satisfaction of watching them eat it. Making this purple gnocchi was one of those times.

The recipe comes together pretty quick. Don’t be intimidated by it. I promise it’s not as complicated as we may assume. Often times, the thing that keeps us from making food at home, is time of course, but also the anxiety surrounding cooking. This recipe requires a few steps, but it’s not overly complicated. From start to finish it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

If you are interested in checking out the other yummy purple things I’ve made this year, check out the links below:

I hope you give this recipe a try. It was absolutely delicious and so freaking vibrant! Recipe card is at the end!




  • 1 bag of small purple potatoes
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour, + 1/2 cup to work with dough
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1 egg


Boil clean WHOLE potatoes in water over high heat. For this recipe I recommend keeping the skin on while the potatoes are boiling. This helps to ensure the potatoes do not soak up too much water, retain their pretty purple color, and you keep so much more of the potato this way. We don’t want our potatoes to be watery! And please do not over boil!


Once the potatoes are soft enough to pierce with a fork, remove from heat and place in an ice bath. Allow the potatoes to cool completely. They likely won’t look very pretty and purple but that is OKAY!


Once the potatoes have completely cooled, peel them. Here is a quick tutorial of how I do it!

Once all of your potatoes are peeled, notice how pretty they look again! Beautiful purple!

DSC_0295 (2)

At this point you want to mash your potatoes. I used a ricer but mashing them works well too.


In a large bowl, add your mashed purple potato, salt, 1 cup flour, and egg. Use clean hands to combine the ingredients and form dough. Knead the dough, but again, do not over knead (we want to avoid tough gnocchi). If dough feels too wet, add more flour but add flour cautiously, a tablespoon at a time. We do not want the dough to be too dense. The first time I tried making this I made that mistake!

Once dough feels right (it won’t be too crumbly and will hold together), shape dough into a 1/2 inch thick rectangle and then cut the rectangle into 8, 4 inch long pieces. Roll these 8 pieces into thick ropes and then cut each rope into one inch squares. Check out this site for more info (I didn’t get pictures of this process because of my kiddos.)


Using a fork, gently press down if interested in getting indentations.

DSC_0298 These will freeze well if you gently coat them in flour, place on a baking sheet, freeze and once frozen place in a freezer safe container. Otherwise, you can eat them right away by sauteing them in a little olive oil or butter and seasonings of choice.

Once again, do not be alarmed if they look a little funky when being cooked.


I was worried about mine because look at it!

But then, it finishes cooking and somehow goes to it’s prettiest color yet!


Seriously. I want to wear this hue. I want to be surrounded by it. If I could choose the color of my aura, I would choose THIS color!


Admittedly, these aren’t your typical gnocchi. I pan seared them to get a little crisp on the outside and loved the chewy inside. My husband and daughter? They ate the entire pan and my husband asked that they make it into our weeknight dinner rotation.

Which reminds me, I should probably make some purple gnocchi soon.

What about you? Do you think you will try this recipe?

happy belly,

sonni kolasinac


Vibrant Purple Gnocchi Recipe Ingredients_1 bag of small purple potatoes1 cup all-purpose flour, + 12 cup to work with dough12 tsp. salt1 eggDirections_Boil clean WHOLE potatoes in

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