superfood(s) rainbow kodiak pancakes

It’s 11 a.m. Saturday, my kids are running around playing, shouting, and terrorizing the dogs, I just got home from teaching a yoga class, and my husband is getting ready to do some yard work. We are being pulled in different directions but the one thing we can agree on? We’re hungry and the only thing that will do is a warm plate of pancakes. Superfood(s) rainbow kodiak pancakes to be exact.


These pancakes are beautiful to look at but even better to eat.


I like to keep my pancakes pretty small so that tiny hands can hold them easily and I like them to pack a nutritional boost.


My two-year-old daughter calls them ‘unicorn pancakes’. We all call them delicious.


I use super-foods like turmeric, blue majik, beet powder, and amazing grass to color the pancakes. I decided to use a natural source of food coloring instead of food dye because artificial food coloring is associated with hyperactivity in sensitive children and this mama doesn’t need her kiddos any more hyper. If you use artificial food coloring, the pancakes color will be more vibrant. However, I think these are vibrant enough and I like the fact that they provide a nutritional increase to eating pancakes.


Turmeric is and has been all the rage in the health and wellness community for a couple of years now. It is pretty much everywhere and you’re likely already very familiar with it. However, it deserves a shout-out because it a powerhouse and all the attention surrounding it is warranted. Turmeric contains curcumin which is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Many western diseases are believed to be rooted in constant inflammation so having a heavy dose of curcumin in our diet could help tremendously. Curcumin also neutralizes free radicals in our body and then helps to stimulate the production of the body’s own antioxidant enzymes. Curcumin also helps brain health by boosting levels of the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) horomone which helps to keep degenerative processes of the brain at bay. And if that isn’t enough to get on the turmeric bandwagon, curcumin can serve as a natural prozac for alleviating symptoms of depression in patients. Stuff is pretty magical! Turmeric makes the pancakes a golden/yellow color. In order to get all the benefits of turmeric, you have to use a little pepper which enhances absorption of curcumin by 2000%. Without pepper, most of the curcumin will just pass through our digestive tract. I know it sounds strange to add pepper to pancakes BUT it’s undetectable once you add all the other toppings. Promise.

I’ve talked about blue majik before. I love the stuff and the beautiful color it gives to drinks and food. Have you checked out the vibrant mermaid latte I make? It’s delicious and oh so pretty! If you want more information on blue majic, check out this. But really quickly, it’s a form of blue algae, it has anti-inflammation benefits, aids in muscle recovery post workout, serves as a natural pain reliever for cramps, muscle and joint soreness, and headaches thanks to its COX-2 inhibiting abilities.  It also has amino acids and protein. And it’s blue y’all. It had me at blue. I use it to create the light blue pancakes.

Beet powder is used to create red/pink pancakes. I was first introduced to beet powder when I worked in a natural wholefood eatery in grad school. It was my first introduction to food dye alternatives. Beet powder lowers blood pressure by converting nitrites to nitric oxide which the body uses to widen blood vessels so that the heart has an easier time pumping blood. In 2013, a research study found that drinking beet root juice lowered systolic blood pressure (BP) in patients for 24 hours after consuming the juice. Beet powder may also contribute to lowering the risk of degenerative brain disease and can improve athletic endurance.

Lastly, the green pancakes are created using amazing grass. Amazing grass is truly that- AMAZING. I added it to our diet a couple of years ago as a supplement to get more greens in our bellies. We haven’t looked back since. Amazing grass offers veggie variety, anti-inflammation benefits, antioxidants, and a natural energy boost.

I use to make my own pancake mix every weekend. And I still do from time to time but I LOVE using Kodiak cakes for this recipe and most of our pancake needs currently. I’ve been using it for over a year now and got most of my family hooked as well. The mix is perfect for a vegetarian protein source (14 g of protein!) and the texture is amazing.  You can use milk and egg for a more nutrient dense (and overall heartier pancake/flapjack) but I usually just use filtered water to keep it simple.

There is nothing better for an easy weekend family tradition than a stack of warm pancakes on a Saturday morning.



Toppings (optional):


Separate kodiak mix into four bowls. In one bowl, mix turmeric and pepper in with dry kodiak mix. In the second bowl, mix beet powder. In the third bowl, mix blue majik capsules. In fourth bowl, mix amazing grass. Add 1/2 cup water to each bowl and stir until well combined but do not overmix. You should have  red, blue, yellow, and green batter. It’s okay if the mixture isn’t completely smooth. Heat a flat pan over medium heat, spray with cooking oil or butter, and then pour pancake batter on the heated pan. I like my pancakes small but you can make them as big as you would like. Heat pancakes until you see bubbles forming and then gently flip.


Cook for 1 to 2 minutes depending on how big your pancakes are and then remove from heat once cooked through. Repeat until all batter is used from each bowl. Serve warm with toppings of your choice.


My daughter usually requests sprinkles to be put on top and I’m not mad at it.


I hope you enjoyed this recipe and hope you add these superfood pancakes to your weekly family time. We look forward to pancakes every weekend and I love that these pack a nutritional plus that other pancakes do not.


How do you like spending your weekends? Any yummy family weekend traditions you want to share? I love hearing how others spend quality time together. Especially when that time includes yummy food.

superfoods rainbow kodiak pancakes

If you decide to make these yummy pancakes, please take a picture and tag #greensoulbowl! I would love to see your creations!

may you have a happy belly full of superfoods,

sonni kolasinac

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