ayurvedic morning oral health routine and DIY toothpaste recipe

I am attempting to move towards a more holistic and natural lifestyle for my family and my sake. This includes eating more plant based, daily meditation and yoga, minimizing our use of plastic and waste, using more Eco-friendly products in our home, and making our own hygiene and cleaning products when we can. I want our home to be as green and holistic as it can.

One area that interests me in pursuing these goals is Ayurveda medicine. Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of medicine practiced in the world. It originated in India over 3000 years ago and this ancient, natural holistic approach to medicine is still practiced today.  Ayurveda is important in preventing disease and taking a more well rounded approach to health and wellness and I am slowly implementing what I’ve learned over the years into my life.

I want to share the experiences and experiments I take in creating a more green and sustainable life for my own documentation but also because I think someone, somewhere may find this sort of information useful. There is power in information and knowledge and with that power comes the strength to take charge of our health and well being.

The first place I added Ayurvedic practices was into my morning oral health routine. I decided to start there because I wanted to create a healthy habit first thing in the morning. I made an entire video on my routine. Check it out below!

It’s not a secret that good oral health is important and can even be a window to our overall health. Keeping our teeth strong and healthy make dentist visits less intimidating and invasive. Ayurvedic oral hygiene practices enhance the sense of taste, support detoxification, encourage optimal digestion, and aid in a stronger immune system. Are you excited to take your oral health to the next level? Here’s where you can get started!

Oil Pulling

I start every morning with a solid 10 minute oil pulling session. Oil pulling is the act of using a tablespoon or so of oil (I use coconut oil and peppermint essential oil) and swishing it around the mouth vigorously for 3-20 minutes.  It encourages clean and fresh breath, helps to maintain a normal pH oral level, prevents plaque buildup, supports natural detoxification, and encourages strong teeth and gums. During this 10 minutes, I warm up my sea salt water, and I’ll either read, do a little cleaning, or sometimes I’ll sit and meditate. I try not to make oil pulling an extra step but rather include it in my daily routine so that it’s not too intimidating or time consuming.

After I’ve oil pulled for 10 minutes, I spit the oil out in the trashcan (do not spit out the oil in your sink!) and rinse my mouth with the warm sea salt water I heated up during my oil pulling session.

Tongue Scrapping

I follow rinsing my mouth with warm sea salt water with tongue scrapping. Tongue scrapping sounds so much more intense than it is. Tongue scrapping is simply taking a firm object (I like using a stainless steel tongue scrapper) and gently moving the tongue scrapper from the back of the tongue, forward about 10 times, rinsing the tongue scrapper in warm water after every stroke. It is more beneficial to use a tongue scrapper than to brush your tongue with a toothbrush because the tongue scrapper does a better job of loosening and clearing any buildup on the tongue so it can be removed from the mouth. Using a tongue scrapper can improve our overall oral health, removes any film, coating or bacteria from the tongue, promotes fresh breath and enhances our taste buds!

After I have done my oil pulling, warm sea sat water rinse, and tongue scrapping, I simply brush my teeth with my homemade gentle toothpaste for 2 minutes. This is my quick easy toothpaste recipe!

nutter butter (1).jpg


My entire oral health routine take about 13 minutes to complete and this 13 minutes is not idle time. I’m using 10 minutes to oil pull and accomplish other things on my morning checklist like meditation or mindful reading. 13 minutes and my day is set up on the right foot and my mouth is clean and my teeth are shining and bright! I follow this morning routine before I consume any food or liquid because Ayurveda practitioners recommend taking care of our oral health first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It also makes sense to me to help aid in the natural detoxification process of the body before I drink anything (including water) because if I have unwanted bacteria in my mouth, I want to rid my body of them before I drink water and swallow and consume them!

This is my simple morning oral health routine. I take pride in my teeth and oral health and I love that this is something I can do every morning without strain or too much effort. I hope you give it a try! If you do, please let me know! I love learning more about this topic and find it so interesting!

keep it fresh,

sonni kolasinac 

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