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One of the worst feelings in the world is having an upset stomach. You feel queasy, paranoid to eat in fear that it’ll make your stomach feel worse, and sometimes the mere act of movement can further upset things. And let’s not even get into the frustration that is using the restroom when your stomach is feeling bad!

Having an upset stomach is one of my least favorite things to experience. Even worse than a cold because a cold is annoying but an upset stomach can be a hindrance to how life is lived. A friend of mine recently shared that she had been suffering from some tummy issues and wasn’t feeling up to herself. These stomach woes impacted her ability to workout and even her drive to eat. She mentioned wanting to try purple cabbage juice and it reminded me of one of my favorite juices to make when my stomach is upset. It’s one of those juices I made plenty of when I was pregnant with my first child and could hardly stomach anything but saltine crackers. As I healed from that pregnancy, I put this tummy aid juice on the back burner and it wasn’t until my friend mentioned purple cabbage that I was reminded of dark mornings with so much nausea I could barely walk but I diligently stood at my juicer and experimented with flavors and combinations that would taste good but also help relieve my discomfort.

Today I want to share this beautiful purple-ish tonic for stomach woes for anyone who is suffering with stomach discomfort but especially my friend V. A little of this juice goes a long way. It’s pretty a purple-ish color and ya’ll know I love purple foods.

canva-photo-editor (2).png
This tonic contains ginger which has been proven to help digestive issues including nausea, morning sickness (talk to your doctor if pregnant before starting a juicing regiment) and helps with chronic indigestion (ginger will speed up the emptying of the stomach). It contains purple cabbage which is a natural diuretic and helps to build immunity as well as lemon which aids in digestion and helps to prevent kidney stones. Lastly this juice contains apple for taste, but also because apple helps to prevent inflammation, improves digestive health, and is a natural prebiotic. This purple tummy aid is simple to make and packs a nutrient dense power punch. Give it a try the next time your stomach is feeling crummy.

canva-photo-editor (1)

  • Half a purple cabbage, washed and cut for your juicer
  • 1.5 inch ginger, washed with skin on
  • 1 red crunchy apple, washed and sliced with seeds/core removed
  • 1 lemon, skin removed



Juice all of the ingredients in order listed and enjoy immediately. Try to sit upright in a comfortable position for 10-15 minutes after you have consumed the juice to help the body focus on absorption and digestion.

canva-photo-editor (2)

wishing you a happy tummy,

sonni kolasinac

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I believe in big hair and and live by the 5 (sometimes 10) second rule when food falls on the ground. I want to create a greener, simpler life for my little family while at the same time sharing everything I eat, yoga poses I try, and ideas about life with my smartphone attached to my hip. I'm sort of a hot mess living by the motto "fake it until you make it."

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